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10% of rental income

from 20% of the rental income

Ad management

We make an attractive advertisement with professional photos and a catchy text and manage the calendar .


Your home is a valuable asset. We therefore screen the guests carefully and refuse requests that we do not feel comfortable with.

Price optimization

We optimize your turnover thanks to accurate pricing.
For example, prices are adjusted to the season, demand and events in the area.


Ad distribution


We advertise on more than 40  different channels so that your home is easily found and can be booked anywhere. 


Fast communication

We respond immediately to requests and
  answer all questions from the guests. We also communicate with the cleaner / manager of your property as soon as a booking comes in.

Personal calendar

We will create an account for you with a personal calendar, so that you have an overview of all bookings. You will also find information about your  guests and you can de  adjust availability yourself.


We make sure that the guests pay. Your  earnings will be no later than five  on your account working days after check-in.

What you only need to do



You don't have to think about anything anymore. We have everything under control.


Share your experience with  friends, acquaintances and family and receive a bonus of 150 NAF  for every new customer.

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