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Rent out your house effortlessly

Ads Management Plus is a service special
for the rental of your holiday home, B&B or hotel .

Could the rental of your holiday home use a boost? Then this is your solution. If you choose Advertising Management Plus from BnB Assistant, you choose a professional approach and extra service for you and your guests.  


More bookings
More and better reviews
Never make offers again
Inquiries from guests become
  straight away  answered
Your administrator is automatically informed when a new booking is made
No more double bookings
Easily adjust your availability everywhere from one main calendar
Never lose the overview again

Higher return thanks to bookings via your own webpage

Professional service for you and your guests

More time for yourself

Less hassle, more service.


"I sometimes forgot to respond to requests or send payment reminders due to my busy job. Fortunately, I don't have to think about that anymore."
- Owner holiday home in Curacao -

Less hassle, more service.


your own webpage

Your home will have its own webpage for optimal return. You do not have to pay high service costs or commissions for bookings via your own web page. This will quickly save you 10-15% per booking. Do you already have your own website? Then we can easily implement our calendar and the booking system in your existing website.


 extra notifications and reminders

When a booking comes in, you as the owner will be notified by e-mail. With Ads Manager Plus you can let 4 extra people receive notifications such as your cleaner, host, administrator or co-owner.
Not only when a booking comes in, but also, for example, to send your host and cleaner a reminder the day before check out.


Personal online guide

Your guests receive a personalized guide. We put everything the guests need to know in this guide. From the instructions for check in to the Wifi code and directions. As a result, guests will have fewer questions during their stay. Feel free to share your favorite hotspots or a nice walking route!


paid promotions

In addition to advertising on various channels such as Airbnb and, we ensure that your home gets extra attention on social media. We create paid advertisements to attract more visitors to your own webpage. 

A number of web pages of our customers for inspiration

Schermafbeelding 2022-03-27 om 10.41.08.png

Holiday villa in Curacao

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-08 om 09.24.20.png

Holiday Home in France

Schermafbeelding 2022-03-27 om 11.36.39.png

Curacao apartment



Now that you have your own web page, it is more important than ever to collect good reviews. In the personalized guide that your guests receive, guests can easily leave a review. After the check out we will send your guests reminders to do this. We place these reviews on your webpage for the necessary 'social proof'.



Your home will receive an attractive advertisement with professional photos and a catchy text on various channels such as Airbnb and We manage your calendars, prices and respond immediately to requests.


channel management

Do you already advertise on different booking channels? We connect all your accounts so that you can work from one central calendar. This way you can easily block periods in all calendars at the same time and prevent double bookings.


price optimization

The prices of your home are accurately determined.
For example, prices are adjusted to the season, demand and events in the area.
We can charge different prices per advertising channel. For example, the commission you pay on a booking via is much higher than a booking via your own web page.

"Really cool and useful tool, good to have the relevant information in one place - just saying because I have never seen something similar before with other providers"
- Jan, guest of one of our customers. About his personal online guide  †



Your home is a valuable asset, so we make clear agreements about the requirements your guests must meet. We screen the guests carefully and refuse requests that we do not feel comfortable with.


personal calendar

You will receive your own account with your personal calendar, so that you have an overview of all bookings. You will also find information about your guests here and you can add blocks yourself. If you have multiple properties, we can display all calendars in the same account. The calendar works perfectly on both computer and smartphone.



We collect the payments for you. Even if your guests want to pay by credit card, that's no problem. Your earnings will be credited to your account no later than five working days after check-in.


optimal efficiency

With Ads Management Plus, all the tools are at your disposal to optimize your return. Your home will have a more professional look and your guests will experience 5-star service.
Extra service for you and your guests!

"I am left with about 10% more from every booking via my own web page than via any other booking channel. I had already recouped those annual costs after 1 booking." 
- Gerard, owner holiday home in Curacao -

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