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Bonus for a booking

Earn money by bringing in guests


- Tell your friends or family who come to Curacao about BnB Assistant and refer them to the offer on our site. You may also use a link to our website on social media or your own website.

- The guests state that they have contacted us or that you indicate that you have forwarded guests to our site.

- If they decide to book one of our holiday homes, you will receive 5% of the rental price as soon as the booking is completed.


- The holiday home that we offer is booked directly through us and not through a platform such as Airbnb,, etc.

- It concerns a booking of at least a week

- The booking has a value of at least $ 250

- Once the booking has been successfully completed you will receive your commission. The right to commission expires upon cancellation.

- Like us! and or follow us on instagram: bnbassistant

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